“A properly prepared and comprehensive inventory sets the scene for what is provided by the landlord at the start of the tenancy. It, therefore, plays a significant role in protecting both landlord and tenant.  A detailed inventory report will help avoid disputes, whilst any such dispute that does arise about missing contents or condition of the property, at the end of the tenancy, can be more easily resolved”

Chris Hamer, formerly the Property Ombudsman

How We Can Help

“Our mission at IAM Inventories is to MEET and EXCEED the expectations of our clients”

When we approach a property or walk into a room we consider every part that we can see and access.

SPACE: Ceiling, Walls, Windows & Sills, Doors & Frames, Flooring, Paintwork, Switches & Sockets, etc.

FITTINGS: Cooker, Microwave, Washing Machine, Extractor, Fridge/Freezer, Sanitary Ware, Mirrors, etc.

FURNISHINGS: Curtains & Tracks, Blinds, Cupboards, Light Fittings, Pictures, Tables & Chairs, etc.

GROUNDS: Garage, Shed, Gardens, etc.

SERVICES: Electric Supply, Heating, Meter Readings, etc.

SAFETY: Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, etc.

We know this sounds a lot, but our clients know the benefits of having professionally trained Inventory Reporters working with them.

We believe our clients are happy, not just because of our attention to detail, clarity of recording or inventory experience but also because of our people skills and fun-loving personality fit.


Our team is enthusiastic, friendly and members of the AIIC. We’ve completed comprehensive training and are professionally committed to the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Inventory Report Services

A properly prepared and comprehensive property inventory sets the scene for what is provided by the landlord at the start of the tenancy.
The check-in inventory is more than a tick-list, it's where each item is checked against the property inventory and the tenant's agreement is recorded.
Forewarned is forearmed is said to mean that if you know about something before it happens, you can be prepared for it.
Accurate check-out inventory reports record the changes and any dilapidation that has occurred in the property during the tenancy.

Accurate and detailed reporting is important...

Detailed descriptions and photographs of the condition of the property at the beginning of a tenancy allow a landlord to demonstrate changes beyond reasonable wear and tear and deduct monies from a tenant's deposit.
Knowing the standard of the property at the start of your tenancy helps to set clear expectations of the maintenance required of you. Inventories help safeguard tenants against unfair deductions from their deposit when moving out of a property.
The impartial Independent Inventory Provider's detailed descriptions and photographs of the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy, allows an agent to recover fair costs on behalf of the landlord and preserve their reputation.

Why Choose Us?

Our itemised inventory reports are concise, easy to read with comments, descriptions, and photographs of every aspect of the content. Every report goes through two cycles of quality control, so they stand up to scrutiny, before being released.
Our pricing reflects our mission to exceed client expectations every time. All our quotes start in the same way: with the essential elements required based on the size of the property. We can add extra items when requested by the instructor.
Reports are available with 48 hours. Our comments feature gives interested parties the option to review, comment and sign reports remotely. Once agreed they can download the report with comments included as a PDF.
We understand that sometimes the status of a let can change like the wind, therefore, last minute and out of hours appointments can be booked 7 days a week, subject to availability but exclude Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Where We Operate

We work primarily in the County of Gloucestershire.

However, we do conduct Property Inventories, Check-In, Check-Up and Check-Out Inventories for our clients; letting agents, self-managed landlords, and tenants when they have properties that require inspecting outside of this catchment area.

If you’d like us to carry out a Professional Inventory to protect you and your property then all you have to do is…ask us.