About Us

Carole Stacey Visible Results

Hello, I’m thrilled you’re here.

Why? Because at IAM Inventories we make the property inspection process quick, simple and stress-free for Letting Agents, self-managed Landlords, and Operators of Holiday-Lets, Airbnb, HMOs and Student Accommodation.

We are an independent, impartial, and professional inventory service provider who believe that all inventory reports should be designed to protect people and property from arbitration.  We also pride ourselves on outstanding customer service with the added comfort of knowing that each of our quality assured inventories go through two levels of inspection before being issued to protect property assets and your business reputation.

You can be assured that our inventory reporters have received comprehensive training, abide by the code of ethics of the AIIC and remain, professional, independent and impartial throughout each stage of the inventory cycle.

My background

“People and property are my passion, and I love it when they work together in harmony, especially when it involves a binding legal document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning, during and end of a tenancy. My first inventory took place in 1989 for Highgrove Business Centres Ltd, a 10,000 sq ft fully equipped and furnished business centre and periodically since then I’ve been providing inventory services (among other professional skills, services, and experience) to a range of businesses including people invested in property.

Throughout a 20+ year career as a freelance Business Growth Adviser I’ve been known as the lover of ‘detailed-accurate-record-keeping’, providing peace of mind to clients regarding compliance in their businesses.

Now, as a private landlord I support all manner of people invested in property – letting agents, self-managed landlords, and investors – by providing professionally prepared independent inventories that follow the code of conduct of the AIIC and stand up to scrutiny.

I also look after the practical, day-to-day, coordination of holiday lets and Airbnb accommodation for landlord clients.”

My business career has focused on turning chaotic administration and lackluster marketing into streamlined easy to follow processes that were written, illustrated and recorded to form the office and/or property manual.  A practical and readily available resource for everyone to follow.

In some cases, the manual also included the detailed and accurate recording of the condition of a property and its chattels in the form of an inventory.

Now having qualified with the AIIC as a professional inventory provider and using transferable skills, experience and knowledge I put my energies, time and know-how into providing Inventory Reports that Protect People and Property.

My first property experience was unintentional. Being frustrated in not finding suitable office accommodation for my then business, I took a lease on a 10,000 square foot Grade II listed regency building and transformed it into a fully serviced business centre.  I was completely blind to any rules about renovations and modifications to a listed building.  Thankfully nothing I did to enhance the space for tenants broke any rules!

Over the years contracts with larger companies have included commercial property and residential landlords all of whom needed varying degrees of admin organisation, process design, business planning, and the creation, styling, and fulfillment of their property interiors in readiness for launch to their ideal persona owners/tenants and investment market sectors.

Even with that experience, I didn’t know I’d end up in the property world. I’ve now come full circle and as a property investor who loves the detailed recording of compliant related matters, and with the time, energy and resources available, I now support letting agents, self-managed landlords and investors in their business expansion by preparing professional inventories that are not only compliant but mirror their brand persona.