FAQs: Help for Tenants

We are pleased to provide help and advice to tenants so the end of tenancy check-out is swift and smooth and with no threat to the tenancy deposit.

Condition vs. Cleanliness

Condition and Cleanliness are not the same thing. A check-in report that only considers the condition of the property and does not establish the standard of cleanliness at the start of the tenancy is potentially going to cause problems at check-out should a dispute arise over cleanliness. Whilst the check-out report may list cleaning issues […]

What can you do about mould?

WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT MOULD? If you already have mould, it can be relatively easy to get rid of. It can also be extremely difficult, and if it is, removing it is a professional job. Before you start, make sure you’re not missing any mould patches. It often appears on walls and ceilings, but […]

Moving out? 25 things to check for a smoother exit

Here’s a sample of a Move-Out checklist we give our letting agents and landlords to help the tenant’s move-out run smoothly. After giving notice, please call 5-7 days prior to your move-out day to schedule your check-out inspection. The property must be vacuumed, mopped and swept clean. All kitchen(s) and bathrooms(s) must be completely clean. All walls […]

What sort of detail is in a check-in/out report?

The check-in report should describe the property and its contents in high detail. This is best achieved by providing a general description of the property and its contents, provided together with an opening summary of the overall standard of cleanliness and condition. The main body of the report should comprise a more detailed description of each room […]

Basic fire safety & Tenant responsibilities

Tenants are expected to monitor the property and its contents. Tenants must actively prevent fire and electrical accidents, when possible and safe for them to intervene. A tenant has a responsibility to uphold basic fire safety. This means they should mitigate hazards by: Regularly checking the fire, smoke and CO alarms Replacing the batteries on all detectors, […]