FAQs: Inventories Explained

There are 4 different types of inventories are needed for every rental property. The Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition, the Check-in report, the Check-up report, the Check-out report. It’s important that these are prepared by a professionally qualified and competent Inventory Reporter to safeguard all parties involved from the unthinkable – dispute resolution.

What's the Purpose of a Check-out Inventory Report?

A professionally prepared check-out inventory report can avoid disputes. At the end of a tenancy, a check-out inventory report and inspection is carried out and records the changes and dilapidations that have occurred in the property during the tenancy. Tenants are expected to return the property at the end of the tenancy in a similar […]

What's the Purpose of a Check-up Inventory Report?

Forewarned is forearmed is said to mean that if you know about something before it happens, you can be prepared for it.  That’s what makes an interim-inspection important to protect the property, the tenant and the landlord. It’s an important part of the relationship between the tenant, landlord, and agent as it looks at the condition of […]

What's the Purpose of a Check-in Inventory?

A check-in report is more than a tick-list, it’s a Property and People Protection Report. The report provides a clear description of the contents, condition, and cleanliness of the property, and sets the standard expected at the end of the tenancy…which in turn, makes the check-out easier for everyone. This means the check-in process is an ideal […]

What's the Purpose of a Property Inventory?

The purpose of the property inventory is to give an accurate description of: the exterior of the property the interior condition and decorative order, plus the fixtures and fittings including walls, doors, windows, plus the soft furnishings, curtains/blinds, and carpets, plus any cupboards and furniture plus white goods of a house, bungalow, flat, studio or caravan! Each […]

When should Check-out Inventory Reports be prepared?

The Check-out Inventory Report should be complied after the tenant has removed their belongings, cleaned the property and returned the garden (if included) to the condition they were at the beginning of the tenancy. The check-out report will provide, by comparison to the Check-in Inventory Report,an accurate view of the cleanliness, contents and condition of […]

When should Check-in Inventory Reports be prepared?

As Check-in Inventory Reports provide a snapshot of the property at the time they are complied, we think it important that there should only be a short time between the preparation of the Property Report and Schedule of Condition being prepared and the preparation of the comparative Check-in report. Why? If there is a large […]