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What's the Purpose of a Check-out Inventory Report?

A professionally prepared check-out inventory report can avoid disputes. At the end of a tenancy, a check-out inventory report and inspection is carried out and records the changes and dilapidations that have occurred in the property during the tenancy. Tenants are expected to return the property at the end of the tenancy in a similar […]

Condition vs. Cleanliness

Condition and Cleanliness are not the same thing. A check-in report that only considers the condition of the property and does not establish the standard of cleanliness at the start of the tenancy is potentially going to cause problems at check-out should a dispute arise over cleanliness. Whilst the check-out report may list cleaning issues […]

What's included in a property inventory?

The Property Inventory records the contents, condition and cleanliness of a property with clearly defined descriptions and glossaries. It also includes a comprehensive and detailed list of any fixtures, fittings, and decoration. It also includes details of the cleanliness of the property along with photographs of areas where cleaning has not been up to the standard […]

Introduction to Inventory Reports

However well a tenant looks after their property, it will not be in the same condition at the end of the tenancy as it was at its start.  Wear and tear to carpets, flooring, and other fixtures, fittings and decorations will, inevitably, have taken place.  Even well looked after contents will deteriorate with time and […]

What could go wrong with a DIY Inventory?

What could go wrong with a DIY Inventory? Writing down the contents of a two-bedroom property could easily be done on one side of paper, but if you do not consider the ‘fabric’ of the property you could find that your Inventory and Schedule of Condition is not detailed enough to prove that your tenants […]

Mould & Damp: What to do about it?

In a wet, cold British winter, damp and mould flourish. Even the best-maintained properties can develop damp. Damp and mould can damage your property’s structure, cause health problems for your tenants and cost you money in repairs and void periods. Black mould is particularly damaging and can cause allergies, asthma and fungal infections. It’s classed […]