FAQs: Quick Read FAQs

Here you’ll find quick-read snippets of inventory information that will ensure relationships between all parties concerned will always be happy and risk-free.

What's included in a property inventory?

The Property Inventory records the contents, condition and cleanliness of a property with clearly defined descriptions and glossaries. It also includes a comprehensive and detailed list of any fixtures, fittings, and decoration. It also includes details of the cleanliness of the property along with photographs of areas where cleaning has not been up to the standard […]

When Should Check-in Reports Be Prepared?

As reports provide a snapshot of the property at the time they are complied, we think it important that there should only be a short time between the property report being prepared and the preparation of the comparative check-in report. Why? If there is a large gap, in time, between when each report is produced, […]

What's the purpose of a Property Inventory & Schedule of Condition

A Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition is a single document that may form part of a tenancy agreement. It records the contents, condition, and cleanliness of the property, with a detailed listing of the items within the property including the decor and fittings.  A detailed Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition should be made prior to the […]

Introduction to Inventory Reports

However well a tenant looks after their property, it will not be in the same condition at the end of the tenancy as it was at its start.  Wear and tear to carpets, flooring, and other fixtures, fittings and decorations will, inevitably, have taken place.  Even well looked after contents will deteriorate with time and […]

Safety in the home: Non compliance penalties

What are the consequences for not providing Smoke and Carbon Dioxide detectors and Alarm Systems? The alarm and detector systems are very important to tenant safety. CO is a lethal gas that has no smell, colour or taste. Without an appropriate detector, it can cause neurological damage and even death to exposed residents. People are […]

Should the tenant be present at the Check-out?

If possible we recommend that the tenant be present at check-out. Although this is not essential or required in law.  Some landlords/agents find it useful to meet with their tenants shortly before they leave the property in order to remind them of their obligations and agree any items that need attention before the tenants leave. […]