5 Key reasons to have reports prepared independently


  1. It shields tenants’ deposits, as long as they hand back the property in a similar condition
  2. It helps identify fair wear and tear and responsibility of either the landlord or tenant to attend to agreed discrepancies
  3. It helps with the ongoing maintenance and general upkeep of the property throughout the tenancy period
  4. It clearly sets out the state of the condition, cleanliness, and content of the property at the beginning and end of the tenancy
  5. It provides an evidence-based approach to restore the property to its former condition, given allowances for fair wear and tear

David Cox, Chief Executive at Propertymark said:

“The Tenant Fees ban will have a profound impact on the whole industry, but the sector must not underestimate the importance of a thorough inventory.

They provide certainty for all involved, add clarity at the end of a tenancy, and help resolve disputes. In the new world after the tenant fee ban comes in agents will need to take an evidence-based approach to default fees, damages, and disputes.

Only by ensuring that an inventory took place can agents protect their clients’ investments and reduce costs in the long-run”

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