Reports prepared with the Adjudicator in mind.

At IAM Inventories we always prepare inventory reports with the adjudicator in mind.

We understand that all reports  – the property inspection, the check-in, the check-out and all interim check-up inspections completed periodically during the tenancy, can be helpful to the landlord, tenant and adjudicator.

We consider how the report will demonstrate to an adjudicator that the tenant agreed to the contents of the check-in report.  This evidence could be demonstrated with a signed copy of the report – or a declaration that it will be taken as agreed if no discrepancies are raised – but can also include an exchange of emails confirming any agreed amendments to a report and at any time during the tenancy.

During the life cycle of a tenancy items may be replaced, repaired or removed from the property.

Any changes to the cleanliness, contents and condition of the property will be monitored by either or both the letting agent and/or the landlord.

Obviously exchange of emails, letters and/or recordings of phone conversations and invoices from suppliers that impact on the agreed check-in inventory report, would be provided by either the letting agents or landlord as part of their due diligence, should the adjudicator be appointed to settle a dispute.

Note: If the adjudicator has any doubt in their mind that the tenant has seen and agreed the contents of a report, they will assume that they have not!

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