Moving out? 25 things to check for a smoother exit

Here’s a sample of a Move-Out checklist we give our letting agents and landlords to help the tenant’s move-out run smoothly.

  1. After giving notice, please call 5-7 days prior to your move-out day to schedule your check-out inspection.
  2. The property must be vacuumed, mopped and swept clean.
  3. All kitchen(s) and bathrooms(s) must be completely clean.
  4. All walls must be clean and the same colour as before the tenancy began (unless Tenant has been given prior written permission from the Landlord to change the colour of a room).
  5. Vacuum and clean any/all carpets(s) – fitted and rugs.
  6. Clean all windows (inside and out).
  7. Remove all of your personal possessions and belongings.
  8. No rubbish to be left behind; Do NOT leave wheely bins or plastic bags or boxes by the kerb.
  9. If applicable, all exterior areas shall be cleaned of debris and left clean.
  10. If applicable, lawns should be cut and grass cuttings disposed of; Do NOT leave grass cuttings in a heap in the garden, or anywhere on the property.
  11. If applicable, ensure any borders of the garden, or flower areas are free from weeds and are left tidy. (Seasonal conditions should be considered).
  12. Leave all kitchen appliances in place, clean and in working order.
  13. Leave all window finishes in place, clean and in working order.
  14. Leave all telephone sockets, door furniture, and wall switches in place and in working order.
  15. If the property is furnished, ensure that each item is clean, tidy and free from dust. Where possible each item should be in exactly the same place as it was at the beginning of the tenancy.
  16. All house keys shall be returned at the inspection.
  17. All window/shed/greenhouse keys shall be returned at the inspection.
  18. All light fixtures are to work properly with working lightbulbs.
  19. All electric is to work properly.
  20. All gas appliances/fires are to be left in working order.
  21. All plumbing is to be free of any leaks, blockages or breakages.
  22. All heating is to be working properly.
  23. All security, smoke alarms(s) and carbon monoxide alarms(s) shall be working properly.
  24. Leave ALL utilities on until your move-out inspection has completed.
  25. Make the landlord aware of any damage or issues inside and, if applicable, outside the property.

Of course, if you’d like to amend, update or recreate your own from IAM Inventories checklist, please do so.  Why don’t you let us see your Move-Out report and we can share knowledge together.

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