The advantages of photographs

Our view on the advantages of photographs

Our view on photographs  is that they add a very useful overview of a property.

  • Photographs can highlight any unusual items, such as ornaments and wall hangings.
  • Photographs can highlight and record marks, scratches, scuffs and damage, although this can be difficult to do well especially if the light or weather is poor.
  • Photographs can highlight the difference between ‘before and after’ comparisons of, for instance,  the extent of damage to a floor covering, item of furniture or kitchen worktop.

We are mindful though, that they may be of limited use in resolving a dispute in the absence of a well written report. Therefore we consider that photographs are best used as an addition to, not a substitute for, the written report.

Our photographs are of high quality and embedded into the check-in/check-out report and dated digitally.

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