What does the Check-Out Report include?

Of all the inventories prepared it’s the Check-out Inventory Report that’s the most important.  This report compares the agreed check-in details with what is seen during check-out.

The same general principles referred to in the check-in overview will apply to the check-out report at the end of the tenancy.  That said, IAM Inventories know there are some cardinal points to remember:

  • The reader of the report needs to be able to understand easily what has changed at the end of the tenancy.  This is as true of the landlord, agent or tenant reading a check-out report as it is for a TDS adjudicator.
  • The purpose of the check-out report is to identify obvious or significant discrepancies in the property’s contents, cleanliness and condition.  Tenants will not be responsible for fair wear and tear, which must be assessed on the length of the tenancy and the type of occupancy.

At IAM Inventories we prefer using an “eay-to-compare” check-in and check-out comments section, in the same document, because it is the neatest way to present the information.

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