What we say about the garden?

The garden or outside space, including any driveway, boundary fencing, garage or outbuilding(s) to be included in the tenancy, will also be listed and the condition noted from the opinion of a layperson.

We don’t record the condition of plants, shrubs, or trees other than to say they exist, but we do record what is expected during ‘seasonal’ changes.


  • If a lawn is overgrown we record it as such.
  • If a border has excessive weeds for the season we record it as such.
  • If a water feature is full of green algae type material we record it as such.
  • If a fence or part of a fence panel is damaged we record it as such.

The thing to remember is any outdoor space should be returned to the Landlord at check-out in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the tenancy – subject to seasonal variation.

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