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By using our Services, the Instructing Party agrees to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”).

These Terms and Conditions comprise the entire agreement between the Instructing Party and IAM Inventories and supersede all prior agreements between the parties.


“IAM Inventories”, also referred to as “IAM Inventories”, “we”, “us”, “the supplier”, “they”;

“The Instructing Party”, also referred to as “Letting Agent”, “Agent”, “Landlord”, “Owner”, “Tenant”, “Customer”, “the Client”, “you” means the person, company representative, or company who enters into an inventory services agreement with the supplier;

“Services”, the body of work that is being undertaken, including but not limited to the preparation of Property Inventories, Check-in Inventories, Check-up/Interim Inspection, Check-out Inventories;

“Materials”, the information provided by the Instructing Party in order for IAM Inventories to facilitate the required compilation, alteration, correction, revision or required support for the Property’;

“The Clerk” means IAM Inventories or persons appointed by IAM Inventories to carry out an inspection of the Property for the purpose of preparing a Property Inventory or carrying out a Check-in, Check-out or Interim Inspection;

“The Property” means the property and its chattels which are to be listed in the Inventory or any other compiled reports;

“Chattels”, refers to items within the property, including but not limited to moveable items,  fixtures, furnishings, household effects and items to be, or are already recorded on an existing inventory;

“The Schedule of Condition” means a detailed recording of the condition and cleanliness of the property and chattels prior to commencement of a tenancy;

“The Check-in Inventory/Report” is where a line by line comparison is carried out on the property and its chattels against the Property Inventory & Schedule of Condition;

“The Check-up/Interim Inspection” is where a brief visit is made to the property to check and comment on the condition and cleanliness of the Premises;

“The Check-out Inventory/Report is where a line by line comparison is carried out on the property and its chattels against The Check-in Inventory/Report.

“The Property Inventory” Inventory”, also referred to as “The Property Report”, “The Property Inventory Report”, “The Report”, “Property Report”, “Check-in”, “Check-in Inventory”, “Check-up”, “Check-Up Inventory”, “Interim Inspection”, “Check-out”, “Check-out Inventory” means a detailed recording of the property and chattels to be reported upon prior to the commencement of a tenancy and in accordance with the following conditions;

Section 1: Terms of Engagement

  1. We provide two levels of service: Pay-As-You-Go and Elite.
  2. Pay-As-You-Go Standard: Fees assume that the subject property is an “unfurnished” property with white goods.
  3. Pay-As-You-Go Standard Plus: Fees assume the property is “rental furnished” i.e., minimal items of furniture, white goods and portable electric appliances.
  4. Pay-As-You-Go Premium: Fees assume the property is “heavily” furnished, has white goods, portable electric appliances or requires a “more in-depth” level of detail.
  5. A Pay-As-You-Go 3-bedroom property will typically contain a hallway, one living room, one dining room/area, one kitchen, one utility room, stairs & landing, one main bathroom and either a toilet or an ensuite.
  6. Elite: Fees are based on Pay-As-You-Go Standard Plus with a minimum commitment of ten inventories per month.
  7. Elite Plus: Fees assume a monthly retainer and is for a minimum term of 6 months.
  8. All levels of service assume that the property Inventory & Schedule of Condition has been complied by IAM Inventories.
  9. All levels of service assume a Check-up / Interim Inspection update has had an Inventory Report compiled by IAM Inventories within the last 12 months for the outgoing tenancy and that there are no significant alterations to the subject property.
  10. The Quote Box on the IAM Inventories website reveals fees based on Pay-As-You-Go Standard rate.
  11. Upon acceptance of the instruction, IAM Inventories will arrange the inspection of the Property for the purpose of compiling an Inventory Report. The commissioning of IAM Inventories services by any Instructing Party on behalf of their Client, the Client or their Client’s Legal Representative; the Landlord, Legal Owner or Tenant is deemed to agree with these terms and conditions.
  12. We carry full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

1.1: Area of Business

We cover the whole of Gloucestershire and include properties in other locations for our client letting agents, landlords, and tenants. We will upon request and agreement of fees travel further afield to compile an Inventory Report.

1.2: Payment Terms

Payment will be made in full in advance of the preparation of any inventory.  After three months of continued engagement, payment is collected via GoCardless within 14 days for Pay-As-You-Go levels of service and within 21 days for Elite levels of service unless agreed in writing in writing between the Instructing Party and IAM Inventories. Should such agreement be reached then payment must be received within the invoice dates specified via GoCardless.

1.3: Cancellations

Cancellations must be received and confirmed at least 48 hours before the appointment, or the full fee will be payable. Should any Clerk from IAM Inventories arrive at a property or Instructing Party, e.g. letting agents for a key pick up and not be able to gain access the full fee will be chargeable.

1.4 Additional costs

An addition of £15.00 per extra room over and above this may be charged to reflect the additional time incurred.  If the property is of a non-standard content/layout please contact us for a quotation. Out of hours bookings before 09:00 and after 17:00  are subject to a surcharge of £25.00. Sunday, Bank holiday and rapid response surcharges are £35.00. We reserve the right to charge for all admin-related tasks including providing data, re-sending reports at later dates, photos, and any other such requests.

1.5 Inventories not prepared by IAM Inventories

We have limited liability when carrying out a Service for our Clients when asked to work from an inventory not compiled by IAM Inventories. We can only work as well as the report that has been provided when carrying out a check-up/interim inspection, check-out or check-in Inventory. Any reports held by the Instructing Party should be made available prior to IAM Inventories booked appointment. If no reports exist then that should also be told to IAM inventories at the time of booking.

Missing items: When compiling a Check-out Report all furnishings and any other items must be put back in their original position in the property. By not doing this they could be listed as missing/not seen and could lead to dispute.  This is particularly difficult to monitor for the Instructing Party if there is no detailed Property Inventory & Schedule of Condition or Check-in Report.

1.6 Replacement Inventories

As recommended by the AIIC it is highly advisable to book a new full Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition before check-in for every new tenancy and use that as the agreed Check-in report. The Check-in report will be used as the crosscheck on condition and cleanliness for the check-out at the end of the tenancy. This offers you and your clients full protection from any damage/dilapidation or missing fixtures, furnishing, condition and cleanliness disputes.

A fully detailed professionally compiled Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition should be produced before re-letting the property as old reports do not offer any protection for either landlord or tenant and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme would rely upon the Independent and Professionally Prepared Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition should a dispute arise.

1.7 Working Conditions

Interruption & Distraction: It is preferable that we conduct the Service without interruption or distraction.  This enables us to compile a Report in an unbiased and professional manner without jeopardising the accuracy of reporting.  We appreciate that on occasions the tenant may be present during a Check-up/Interim Inspection. If this is the case we should be informed in advance and will be noted on the Report.  Tenants are actively encouraged to attend the Check-in as this will speed up the approval process and comments made by the tenant are noted contemporaneously.

Seasonal Light: Unless a Service is carried out during daylight hours, the garden and exterior of the property will not be included in the inspection. If dark IAM Inventories accepts no liability for any losses, issues or omissions caused due to poor visibility of the naked eye or in the clarity of digital photography. If required to return to the property a revisit fee will be charged.

1.8 Keys and Access

We can pick up and drop off keys with our services. If this is any further than 5 miles from the property concerned an additional fee of £5.00 per mile is levied to cover our increased costs and time.

1.9 Amendments

We do accept amendment requests in writing, with the clerks/instructing principle or IAM Inventories office approval; we reserve the right to charge for very large written amendment requests. We do not get involved in differing opinions between connected parties. We will fully investigate any issues put to us in writing. Whenever possible we will arrange a meeting at the property with the landlord and tenant to discuss any points of contention, provided that meeting takes place within 7 days from the date of the report. Extra charges may be claimed for this. Individual parties are responsible for keeping their own contemporaneous notes.  Any agreed amendments to the Report will be noted on the original report and signed by all parties by way of approval. Should the need arise then a complaint could be made to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme for arbitration.

1.10 Delivery / Intellectual Property

IAM Inventories will endeavour, where possible, to electronically deliver completed reports within 48 hours Monday to Friday. All reports remain the property of IAM Inventories and may not be electronically copied, altered, or retained without express permission from IAM Inventories.

The Landlord / Agent / Tenant is responsible for checking the report on delivery and any dispute over content or description must be notified within seven working days. The same day service can be agreed with a 15% surcharge applied at our discretion.

 1.11 IAM Inventory Staff

(i) IAM Inventory reporting, reports, and clerks are only ever to be used directly by and through us. By using our services, you are contracted to work only via us when using our clerks and reports. Anything else will be theft of our property, intellectual property, and services. We will use this breach in a damage claim as well as for loss of earnings. (ii) Our Clerks can wait for up to 20 minutes after the time of booking. Should we be kept waiting and are able to, every 30 minutes past our standard 20 minutes waiting time, is chargeable at £35.00 per 30 minutes. (iii) There will be bookings, beyond our control, when we may be late.  We reserve the right to change the time(s) of the booking to a convenient time between the Instructing Party and IAM Inventories.

Any Agent, Landlord, Tenant or person related to the property in any way who instructs IAM Inventories to carry out any services on their behalf accepts these Terms of Business in full.

1.12 Recommendations

Our clerks are unable to recommend any other services such as maintenance, cleaning and or painting due to the right to remain impartial and uninvolved other than to compile unbiased, independent and professionally prepared third-party reports.

1.13 Key Hand Over to Tenants & ID

We can and will endeavour to hand over keys at check-ins whenever required to do so within a check-out booking. IAM Inventories are not official ID checkers and the Instructing Party accepts that handing over keys is not done in an official capacity. IAM Inventories accept no liability for losses or damage arising from the person arriving at the property claiming to be the expected tenant.

We highly recommend the Instructing Party or Representative be present to confirm the tenants’ ID from identity documents, meetings and dealings with the tenant during the course of the tenancy negotiation.

Instructing Party should be aware that if IAM Inventories check ID carried by a person claiming to be a tenant, it will only tell us that the name matches the expected tenants’ name on the tenancy agreement and not necessarily is the person in attendance.

1.14 T&C’s Updates and Acceptance

We reserve the full rights to change our terms of business and or any prior or present agreements made with clients, without any notice or contact being given or made.

By entering our website or contacting us via any method, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, in full, as detailed herein.


Contact: reports@iaminventories.co.uk

Date: 30th September 2020

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