Terms of Inventory Provision

Section 1: Description of Services

1.1 IAM Inventories agrees to provide the appropriate Inventory Report in accordance with the Terms of Service detailed below and to;

  1. Carry out services in a professional and timely manner,
  2. Make every effort to adhere to any deadlines agreed, in the knowledge that dates for delivery of the Inventory Report or Inspection are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Time for delivery shall not be of the essence of the Agreement and IAM Inventories shall not be held liable for any loss, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery,
  3. Compile, develop and provide all Inventory services agreed in the written quote in a timely manner.
  4. Accommodate any required changes outside the scope of the original quote where possible and subject to agreement from the Client and payment of any additional charges,
  5. Maintain regular contact with the Client throughout the period of the Service provision to discuss changes, or issues arising.

1.2 Specifically, IAM Inventories will record in the Inventory Report an “as seen” factual snapshot record of the items in the property at the date of the inspection and the general condition and cleanliness of the subject property. Digital photos are included in the price.

1.3 The Instructing Party should know all items are considered to be in good clean condition unless otherwise stated and IAM Inventories accept no liability for any losses, issues or damages caused after the date of the visit to the property to carry out an Inventory Report.

1.4 The Instructing Party should know IAM Inventories are not experts in decoration, furnishings or fabrics, etc.  It is understood that they are presenting a layman’s description of listed items and that all descriptions given in a report are for identification purposes only.  Where the words “silver”, “chrome”, ”oak”, “pine”, “stones”, “slabs” etc are used, it is understood that this is a description of the colour and/or type of the item and not the actual fabric. IAM Inventories accepts no liability for any losses, issues or damages caused by inference.

1.5 The Instructing Party should know an Inventory Report is not a building survey and will not refer to the structure or basic fabric of the property. IAM Inventories accepts no liability for any losses, issues or damages caused by the Instructing Party ‘interpreting’ the reported condition of the property as if it were a building survey.

1.6 The Instructing Party should know the Inventory is compiled by IAM Inventories for identification purposes only and does not constitute a valuation or statement of authenticity, it is a listing that such item(s) exist in the property at the time the Inventory is compiled.

1.7 We can only offer a limited liability with our reporting accuracy when carpets are wet or damp or when a property is being cleaned or has any possessions or furnishings present that are not meant for the tenancy or the report.

1.8 The Instructing Party should know IAM Inventories record significant defects that will commonly be damage, usage, or soiling that may constitute a dilapidation charge at the end of the Tenancy to the responsible party, from the landlord.

1.9 IAM Inventories will only record new items as such when they are in a new building, still in their wrappings, or with a receipt.

1.10 IAM Inventories will attempt to note all or any present odours; as sense of smells will be subjective, based on common experience, and will alter, the accuracy of this is not something we can be held accountable for.

1.11 IAM Inventories will test lighting solely to indicate whether the bulbs are working at the time the Inventory Report is written.

1.12 IAM Inventories will list “as quantity of” but not itemise or count contents contained in drawers or cupboards, this includes, but is not limited to, crockery, pots, pans, cutlery, utensils, ornaments, books, collections of DVDs and bedding.

1.13 IAM Inventories will list linen as seen, however soiled items or linen stuffed in cupboards will not be fully inspected. All linen should be freshly laundered and folded on top of the bed to allow for easy identification. Excess quantities of linens will be listed as “a quantity of” unless the Elite Services is used and in agreement, as to the level of detail recorded, between the Instructing Party and IAM Inventories.

1.14 IAM Inventories will visually identify and record items left in cellars where possible if deemed safe; however, the Clerk will not undertake to search through boxes, cupboards or inaccessible areas.

1.15 Meter readings

1.15.1 IAM Inventories will take meter readings when accessible with our Check-In /Out service.

1.15.2 The Instructing Party must supply IAM Inventories with details of which meters are present i.e. water, gas, electricity or oil tanks and stop cocks/safety valves; with the accessibility and location of such.

1.15.3 IAM Inventories may not take meter readings if the meters are not easily located, for example meters are located above head height, beneath undergrowth or in some other way not readily accessible such as in large blocks of flats or where porters access is required or if the Instructing Party has not supplied the location and accessibility to those meters.

1.15.4 Unless previously advised by the Instructing Party, IAM Inventories will attempt to note the location of any visible stop cocks/safety valves.

1.16 Items subject to regulations:

1.16.1 IAM Inventories will follow Blinds and Cord Safety Regulations 2014; all binds etc must have safe pull controls/cords. We will not be held liable for any cords/controls that do not comply, whether we have noted this or not. Overlong cords can cause a health and safety issue and are the responsibility of the tenant/landlord/ instructing party.

1.16.2 (i) IAM Inventories will test smoke alarms/detectors, carbon monoxide alarms/detectors for power only and should not be taken to mean that the alarms are in full working order.  (ii) Security alarms will be recorded as “operational” if the security system is in operation at the point of access to the property. (iii) These items are the responsibly of the Tenant / Instructing Party / Landlord. (iv) No responsibility is taken for any damage or malfunction occurring during the testing of such alarms.

1.16.3 IAM Inventories will accept no responsibility, and cannot be held liable, should the smoke alarms/detectors, carbon monoxide alarms/detectors not operate on another date. The presence and appropriate working order of these alarms is the law and they must be tested on a regular basis for their continued power and working order by all concerned parties such as the landlord, their agent, the tenant and/or our instructing party.

1.16.4 This law is under The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm England regulations 2015. Under this law you must provide a working and tested smoke alarm/detector on every floor of the property and a carbon monoxide alarm/detector in every room that contains a solid fuel combustion appliance. Power and/or functionality tests must also be carried out on every new tenancy by law, via the Tenant / Instructing Party / Landlord. As stated, IAM Inventories accept no responsibility or liability for any testing of, recording of missing or present and/or working order of any such smoke alarm/detectors and or carbon monoxide detectors within a property following a report or visit from our clerks.

3.16.5  IAM Inventories will record FFR (“Furniture and Furnishings Regulations”) labels “as seen” this should not be interpreted to mean the item complies with the “Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended 1993”, it is merely a statement that a label has been seen. It is not IAM Inventories responsibility to ensure items in the property carry the appropriate “FFR” label, or that items listed within the legislation comply. IAM Inventories accepts no liability for any losses, issues or damages caused by inference.

1.17  IAM Inventories will not normally power test electrical and or gas appliances and other such similar items as this is not considered practical or safe. IAM Inventories accept no liability for any losses, issues or damages caused by any such appliance including and after the date of the visit to the property to carry out an Inventory Report.

1.18 IAM Inventories will not be testing windows, doors, shelving units, etc. within the property; although some clerks may choose to do this and note it in the report. However, IAM Inventories will note “as seen” when a window key is in place and record the location of the window.

1.19 IAM Inventories will not test central heating systems, boilers, machinery, radiators, water supply, and other similar items. IAM Inventories advise that Tenants test all appliances as soon as possible on check-in and during the whole of their tenancy and report any faults to the Instructing Party.

1.20 IAM Inventories will not inspect items left in lofts; or locked rooms which have not been seen and previously recorded, if previously recorded access must be given to that room. These areas are the sole responsibility of the Landlord and cannot be added to the Inventory without prior arrangement.

1.21 IAM Inventories will not include any items which are located in an inaccessible place. Nor will perishable items such as houseplants, garden plants or food items. Garden livestock or the contents of sheds and garages (other than tools which appear new and unused or are included in an earlier inventory prepared by IAM Inventories), will not be included, neither will minor household items such as cleaning materials, light bulbs, etc.  A general photograph will be taken to indicate the existence of such items.

1.22 IAM Inventories will not attempt to enter a house or room housing a dog or other potentially dangerous animal.

1.23 IAM Inventories will not climb ladders, use ‘step-ups’ or enter rooms/gardens/sheds or other areas where it deemed to be unsafe to do so.

1.24 IAM Inventories will not lift or move heavy items of furniture, which include, but not limited to, appliances, beds, sofas, and wardrobes. Every effort will be made to check both sides of mattresses and slats of beds if it is safe to do so.  If unable to do so, this will be made note of in the report.  If beds are fully made up IAM Inventories will not remake the beds.

1.25 IAM Inventories will not in any circumstance look for signs of Legionella and accept no responsibility or liability for such within any property we inspect and/or report upon.

1.26 IAM Inventories will not provide a valuation of the items contained in the Inventory Report and no warranty or guarantee is given in respect of such value.

1.27 A list of “items with value”, or personal Landlord items should be removed or identified to IAM Inventories before the Inventory is compiled.

1.28 IAM Inventories and our Clerks are not responsible for any damages, breakages, or broken items within a property, either externally or internally, or any key, key fob or access card used or collected from or returned to the Instructing Party.

1.29 IAM Inventories reserve the right to refuse to handle in any way material which may be deemed offensive, illegal or in any way controversial when inspecting and/or preparing any type of Inventory Report or other service requested.

Section 2: Jurisdiction

2.1 These terms and conditions and any dispute arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

30th September 2020

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