The Check-In Inventory Report

The check-in inventory is more than a tick-list, it's where each item is checked against the property inventory and the tenant's agreement is recorded.

Why are check-in reports so important?

Check-in Inventory Reports cross-check each line of the contents, condition and cleanliness recorded in the Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition to establish the benchmark for the property at the start of the tenancy.

A check-in report is more than a tick-list...

A check-in report is more than a tick-list, it’s a Property and People Protection Report. The report provides a clear description of the contents, condition, and cleanliness of the property, and sets the standard expected at the end of the tenancy…which in turn makes the check-out easier for everyone.

This means the check-in process is an ideal opportunity for the tenant to become acquainted with the property’s inventory. It’s where good relationships are fostered between the tenant, agent, and landlord. By taking the time to do this there is a clear, signed record in which all parties agree.

Each IAM Inventory reporter checks each item in the property against the original inventory, noting its presence/absence, condition, and cleanliness.

Condition vs. cleanliness

These are not the same thing.  A check-in report that only considers the condition of the property does not establish the standard of the cleanliness at the start of the tenancy.  Whilst the check-out report may list cleaning issues at the end of the tenancy, if the check-in report comments only on condition, an adjudicator will be unable to determine if the property’s cleanliness had deteriorated during the tenancy.

The main body of our comprehensive check-in report includes the condition of ALL fixtures and fittings. We start at the entrance to the property and work systematically through every room. We don’t forget the garden, shed or garage.

A typical routine would be:

The frame of a door – front and reverse
Ceilings and fixtures
Walls and fixtures
Fixed lighting
Windows – frame, sill, and glazing
Sockets and switches
Curtains and/or blinds
Heating – fire, radiators
Floor coverings
White goods
Mirrors and pictures
Freestanding furniture

This is not an exhaustive list as each Property and People Protection Report is tailored to the needs of our clients.

3 more inventories to complete the set

Forewarned is forearmed is said to mean that if you know about something before it happens, you can be prepared for it.
A properly prepared and comprehensive property inventory sets the scene for what is provided by the landlord at the start of the tenancy.
Accurate check-out inventory reports record the changes and any dilapidation that has occurred in the property during the tenancy.


Building a strong relationship between tenant, landlord, and agent is best done from the start of the tenancy. A thorough check-in, where each item is checked against the original inventory, will make everyone's life easier as time goes by.